About Us

We Have Been Accumulating Domains Since 2002 We have it all — brand names, exact match domains, one word domains, two word domains, three word domains, three letter domains, four letter domains. Our history includes two letter dot coms.

We are located in southern California, in the United States.

Thousands of Satisfied Clients Millions of dollars in sales, represented by both our own domains and domains we have brokered for others.

Be Part of XY Names. Land on a winner!® Don't waste your time with an inferior domain name. It takes money to make money — don't sell yourself short. Whether you are buying or selling, talk to us immediately. If you are serious about listing your domain with us, we will go all out to appraise your domain and make certain that you squeeze every penny of value out of your valuable asset. Whether you are buying or selling a million dollar or thousand dollar domain, we will take care of everything so that you end up a winner.

Services Offered Sellers — we have skilled brokers standing by to help you sell your domain. Buyers — we have staff available to help you find a domain that suits your budget. Just contact us and we will make it all happen.