Why even buy a domain?

Why not just search (and search) and search until you find something free (well, almost, you’ll still have to pay ten dollars or so the register the domain for one year), and just use that? Why pay anything for a domain name when you may get one for free?

Well, have you looked at what is available out there…for free? Let’s face it, with the population of the Earth approaching eight billion, and nearly half of them on the internet, chances are that any decent name you might think of has already been registered, long ago.

And, the further back in time you go, the better the domain name availability will have been.

That is why you will find quality domain names at XYNames – because we had the foresight to start registering the best domain names starting in 2002, and retaining most of them all these years, for use by those who have the best need for them.  Our foresight in locking up some of the best domain names is your gain today, as you benefit from our hindsight.

To get some of the quality names we have, you’d have to go back in time, five, ten, even fifteen years.  But you don’t have to!  Have us help you get the best possible name to suit your valuable business.  Don’t settle on a junk name just because it is “free.”  Over time, you will regret having made a poor choice on a junk name.  Go with quality now.  A little or even a lot spent now will repay you multi-fold.

The great names are all locked up and not available for free.  Rest assured that if you find it free, it will be worth what you paid for it.

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