The world is running out of domain names

The world is running out of domain names—what will we do when they’re all gone?

Years ago you could pick up about any domain name you liked.  But at the same time, it cost a bit more than the $8. – $12. per year it does nowadays to maintain the names.  As time went on, many great domain names were dropped as buyers for these dried up.

But today, just about any domain name is worth something, and the number of quality domains that are available for free has dropped to about none.

So what is the solution?  The solution, is to invest in a quality name today, before the supply dries up even further, and nothing good is available at less than astronomical prices.  And this is where XYNames, accumulating quality domains since 2002, comes into play.  We HAVE taken the time and money to invest in quality names, and to HOLD them until now.  Our foresight can be your gain.  Get hold of us now to get a quality domain name for your business, before they are all gone.

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