Planning a new business with one of our domain names?

We understand! We have so many fantastic domain names that it makes perfect sense that one of them might be the ideal name for your business.

But, what if, like many startup businesses, you are underfunded or strapped for cash? Still – no problem!

First of all, Don’t waste your time with an inferior domain name.

If you’re afraid to spend money on a good domain name, then you’re afraid of success. Skimping on your web presence is the greatest mistake you will ever make.

So, having decided that one of our domain names is the ideal one for your business, but being short on cash, how do you proceed with your business, and obtain your dream domain name from us?

Well, there are at least two ways, two options:

1) One – is a payment plan. Simply put down whatever you can afford now, and pay something monthly that we both agree to and fits your budget, until you have paid off the payment price. We will give you immediate access to your domain, and point nameservers to wherever you like. You will have full immediate use of the domain. With the final payment, we will transfer the domain to you.

We can set up such a payment plan with an outside authority, such as , or via a private contract between us.

2) Two – equity share. Please discuss your business with us. We might be willing to forego cash today for an equity share in your business. We are experts in start up businesses, having created many successful ones ourselves, and might be ideal partners for you in your new venture.

You have to spend money to make money! Having chosen the perfect domain name, don’t let current lack of funds stand in the way of your venture. We will work with you to make it happen.

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