Domains with numbers in them

Some people just don’t like domains with numbers in them – but the answer as to whether or not they are a good thing is – it depends.

For example we have a domain

that is really an exceptional four letter domain.  We have received very high offers for it but have turned them down.  Somehow pay3 is the numeric combination with the word pay that makes the most sense and draws the most attention.  This is a very high value and useful domain.

We also recently sold a domain

that is to be used by – you guessed it! 3 friends who are starting up a business. In this situation the number 3 was golden to their goal.

We’ve also sold

for a good sum, and the domain is no doubt today worth more than what we sold it for.

So just remember.  There are no hard and fast answers as to whether numbers are good or bad.  Certainly random numbers added to a domain add nothing, but two or especially one added digit might actually enhance a domain’s appeal.

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