Domains for Startups

What kind of domain name do you need for a start up?

Well for starters – pun intended – a catchy one.  Whatever name you pick has to be something that is memorable that will catch the public’s imagination and catapult you into their conscience.  The name doesn’t even have to necessarily translate into exactly what you are doing.  After all, does yahoo mean anything that has to do with their business?  And yet it is catchy, memorable and has been burned into our consciousness.

Many domain names are able to do this without being exact match domains (EMD).  In some cases for a startup you don’t want an EMD, you want something different.  Something that may not even necessarily be a real word, but that somehow projects the image of success and power that your new company deserves.

Contact us at XYNames and tell us what your business is about, and we will find out the best possible new name for your startup.  Don’t settle for less – and give us a chance to dazzle you with what you need.

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